Welcome to “Lights On Barrel Race”, the home of the newest automated Christmas light display in Colorado Springs, CO.

The display is now dark until November 28, 2011.
Thank you to all that stopped by and visited our show.  We are already planning for 2011’s show, so make sure you stop by in November for a bigger and better show!

In 2009, we decided we were tired of a normal Christmas display.  We figured that for the 2010 Christmas season, we would venture into automating our Christmas light display.

2009 was spent researching and planning our display and deciding what it was we were going to need to get started.

Our 2009 display consisted of about 1200 static lights on a normal household timer.

Our 2010 display will have approximately 6000 lights, all automated to music, controlled by 48 channels.

Our 2011 display will have approximately 10,000 more lights, again all automated to music.  We will be adding about another 72 channels to the mix as well.  Expect a much larger show this year!

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